People come to the houses I’ve built or renovated and they fall in love with specific things, details — a shingle, a type of flooring, a finish.

While it’s not a builder’s job to select custom wall fabrics or create an elegant exterior silhouette, it is our responsibility to bring those “wow factor” details to life.  O’Donoghue Associates achieves this by combining an aesthetic sense with technical expertise, so that inspired details are perfectly executed and structurally sound.

We’ve earned referrals and repeat business from prominent architects, New York interior design companies, and discerning homeowners because of our attention to detail from the inside out—whether it’s the application of an intricate fabric on a carnival tent ceiling, the mathematical precision of hand-cut cedar shingle, or the deliberate placement of rustic slate shingles on a cottage roof.

This section contains a few of our favorite architectural and design details. Please contact me with any comments or questions about the materials used and how they were installed.